Aloft Chicago


Construction Documents
Chicago, IL
Full Hotel Design (114 Keys)
John S. Perez

Marriott Starwood
Aloft Chicago

In this project with Marriot - Starwood, an existing building was re-imagined through the lens of Marriott's Aloft Brand Standards. The Aloft brand has a well-recognized aesthetic for using raw materials, and for creating a loft-like experience for its guests.

Using these design guidelines, CO-Office in partnership with John S. Perez took an opportunistic but considered approach to uncover and emphasize the existing steel frame structure while exposing the concrete floors to produce a unique series of spaces interconnected by a richly textured and tactile palette of materials. This is further accentuated by the playful use of colors, signage, and raw materials that respond directly to the Aloft brand. The adaptation and translation of the brand principles through the excavation of the existing building architecture allowed for the design of a truly unique Aloft experience that responds to the Chicago vernacular.