The Haymarket is a pop-up food market, beer garden, night club, and co-working space located in the heart of NOMAD. Once the red light district and "club scene" of the famous Tenderloin, the once historic boozy district is now famous for its neon-sign laden costume jewelry and fabric shops, unsolicited street vendors, and chic hotels and bars. The new Haymarket is serendipitously located along the historical axis immediately adjacent to what was once New York City's first "night club". The design draws on both the eclectic nature of NOMAD's neighborhood and history through the playful use of signage, lighting, and materiality, but also invents a whole new typology of space through program instigated by its changing demographic and the influx of new design companies and tech start ups.





Completed, 2015
NOMAD, New York
Concept Design, Marketing, Virtual Reality