Experience Jamaica


CO-Office designed a multi-sensory pop-up for the Jamaica Tourist Board and PR firm Finn Partners in conjunction with Visual Conductor. Situated in a secret location in SoHo, the pop-up was a 5-day event which provided visitors with a unique and authentic experience of Jamaica. Using the textures, tastes, sounds, and even smells of the island, CO-Office helped craft a one-of-a-kind experience using live plants, reclaimed wood, island sounds, and scent diffusers to create a series of experiential touch-points inter-connected by an elevated walkway. Hidden LED's provided intuitive way-finding, while the path itself also functioned as a runway for daily fashion shows. Live cooking events, tastings, and performances occurred each day, and a series of projection mappings, graphical storefront, and interactive display drew visitors in.

Experience Jamaica Vancouver


Completed, 2017
New York City & Vancouver, Canada
Popup, Experiential
Visual Conductor