Virtual Reality for Space

As thought leaders in the emerging field of virtual reality, we have adopted VR into our entire design and consulting workflow, allowing you and the entire team to immerse themselves in design through a language we all share in common, the visual. CO-Office also provides custom VR experiences for user experience research, real estate sales and marketing, and development projects.


Content Creation

From 360º virtual experiences to fully immersive video animations and interactive environments, we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience.



Custom tailor your unique experience to your audience and specific use case. We ensure the experience around your content is just as magical as the content itself.


Multi-Platform Delivery

Deliver your content across multiple channels and platforms. From mobile to desktop, from digital to physical, we can help you reach the right audience and maximize exposure.


Featured Projects

CO-Office combines expertise in spatial design, interior design, and real estate development with film direction,
production, and special effects to deliver one-of-a-kind virtual reality experiences that can be custom crafted to suit any use
case. This unique combination of art direction and spatial knowledge  allows  us to craft and produce meaningful content
and deliver it as impactful experiences.

VR Animation for Treehouse

A complete 360º video animation walkthrough for an upcoming store in Texas
used for promotion and marketing.

Interactive VR for Tech Company

A fully immersive and navigable interactive environment with real world physics, animations,
dynamic effects and atmosphere (with Visualise).