Meet the Team


Who We Are

CO-Office is a user experience driven design consultancy for space. We combine expertise in spatial design, interior design, business development, real estate, and user-experience design to deliver high impact, unique, and lasting spaces and experiences.


David Zhai, Co-founder
Director of Design and Technology

As Director of Design and Technology, David leads research, strategy, design, and implementation for collaborative work environments, experiential retail, and community-driven residential.


Simon McGown, Co-founder
Director of Design & Development

As Director of Design & Development, Simon leads acquisitions, new business, and project management by combining user-centered design with business development, and real estate expertise.

What We Do

Building Design, Interior Design, Experience Design, Business Strategy, Market & Consumer Research, Real Estate Sales & Acquisitions, Real Estate Development, Virtual Reality & Storytelling for Space.


Gabriela Lozano
Head of Interiors

As Head of Interiors, Gaby materializes custom interior solutions across all projects. She also brings her award winning urban design expertise to engage larger scale thinking.


Adrianna Moreno
Design Consultant, Residential

As Design Consultant, Adrianna leads design on various projects on the built environment through a wealth of international design knowledge gained across 5 countries.

What We Value

Collaboration, transparency, resiliency, culture & community, social advocacy, environmental and social justice, user research, data metrics, hybridity, invention, narrative and storytelling, creating impact.  


Edward Yim
Design Consultant, Retail

As Design Consultant, Edward leads design and build for high end, commercial retail through a wealth of experience in construction management, development, and design.


Will Roberts
Design Consultant, Virtual Reality

As Design Consultant, Will creates immersive and engaging worlds that invoke pure wonder, fun and adventure utilizing over a decade of experience in award winning direction & production.